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Monday, November 06, 2006

Spring 2007 Classes

Greetings Everyone!

The following courses are being offered this spring - registration should begin Wednesday of this week! Let me know if you have any problems registering.

For a full listing, consult the online course catalog: and the university catalog:

To register online use MILO: PLT 235 is by permission only so you can't get into it yourself via MILO's online registration system. Drop me a line and I'll add you in.

PS I know PLT 215 is on the master list for the university, but they may not let us run it. So stay tuned and drop me a line if you need this before spring 2008.


Public Library Organization and Administration - PLT 240 - CRN:3957 - Section: 201 - Instructor: Monica Brooks

Public Library Children’s & Young Adult Services - PLT 220 - CRN:3955 - Section: 201 - Instructor: Leslie Lucas

Public Library Advanced Reference Skills - PLT 235 - CRN 3956 - Instructor(s): Sabrina Nichole Thomas - Pre-requisite(s): PLT 230 Minimum Grade C CONCURRENT

Public Library Technology Capstone Experience - PLT 299 - CRN:3958 - Section: 201 - Instructor: Monica Brooks - You only need to take this if you are in your very last semester before graduation.


Technical Report Writing COM 231 - CRN:1974Section: 203Instructor: Sumeetra Patnaik
Oral Communications II COM 112 - CRN:1969Section: 210Instructor: Johnna Asbury
Written Communications I COM 111 - CRN:1958Section: 210Instructor: Linda Vinson
Written Communications I COM 111 - CRN:1957Section: 209Instructor: Brent Parker
Communications I COM 111 - CRN:1959Section: 211Instructor: Ronald Worley
Fundamentals of the Internet IT 107 - CRN:2926Section: 206Instructor: Kim Preece
Fundamentals of Computer Technology IT 101 - CRN:2918Section: 231Instructor: Brian Morgan
Business Mathematics I MAT 115 - CRN:3132Section: 203Instructor: Mildred Battle
Human Relations SS 201 - CRN:4387Section: 202Instructor: Steven Brown